C.O.R.E. Love (Cultivating Our Real Essence) is a wellness-based program that advocates for authentic living and radical self love, with a particular focus on Black women.

CORE Love recognizes the Divine light that lives within each of us, proclaims worthiness as our birthright, and celebrates our resilience and capacity to thrive!

CORE Love actively defies the lies of Black inferiority and strives to re-awaken our power, brilliance and beauty. As we embrace the truth of who we are, only then can we live from a place of abundance and love. 

We offer groups and workshops centered on a variety of self care related topics including, gratitude, self compassion, self love, mindfulness, boundaries, intention setting and joy. Workshops can be customized and tailored to the needs of specific groups. Feel free to inquire for more information. 

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!

There is a wellness movement happening around the world for Black women. We are rising up and defying the myths of inferiority, we are defining our OWN standards of beauty, strengthening our voice and reclaiming our Power. This movement is happening for us and by us. Welcome aboard this journey of healing, empowerment and sisterhood. 

May we grow to love ourselves fully.
May we feel empowered in our voice.
May we live with authenticity & grace.
May we shine our lights brightly and boldly.
May we take up as much space fully and without apology.

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Two Black Woman happily sitting outside in the grass. One is adjusting the other's head-tie