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“When you can’t see the bright side, I’ll sit with you in the dark” - Unknown

Seeking therapy can be quite daunting.

It is quite common to feel resistance based on fear or a lack of energy. Maybe you’ve tried therapy before and it wasn’t a good fit. Feeling a genuine connection is important for both client and therapist. As such, building rapport with my clients is essential to establish safety, connection and trust. I take a great deal of time to get to know ALL of you, while attending to the importance of pacing and meeting you where you are.

For some, the thought of therapy is hard because of the negative stigma associated with it. For others, the resistance may be a fear of facing the pain. Let’s face it, change is scary. Trust me, I get it. But what’s even scarier is remaining stuck in an unhealthy place and abandoning your soul's needs. There are no shortcuts to healing. It’s been said that what we resist, persists.

Therapy provides you with a space where you can emotionally lighten your load just by giving voice to all that you’re holding. Therapy gives you the opportunity to release and process painful emotions in a safe and healing environment. Even though taking the first step can be anxiety provoking, on the other side of that step lies hope, healing, and positive transformation.

Individual & Couples Therapy

All sessions are currently being offered virtually.

Individual Therapy

50 minute session: $160

Couples Therapy

60 minute sessions: $180

Workshops Offered

To inquire about workshop bookings and pricing, please send email to

Tameka is a dynamic speaker and workshop facilitator. She leads with her heart and infuses mental health research, experiential exercises, and spiritual principles into her work.  She is passionate about empowering others to discover their inner gifts, cultivate courage to live authentically, and to nurture themselves with loving kindness.

The following are a list of topic areas that she can address in workshops or presentations:

Workshop & Presentation Topics:

Self Care
Radical Self Love
Self Compassion
Racial trauma
Self Discovery
Setting Boundaries
Revolutionary Rest

Insurance accepted

  • Aetna
  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • Blue Shield
  • Healthnet
  • Magellan
  • MHN
  • Medicare
  • Western Health Advantage

Employee Assistance Programs

  • Lyra
  • MHN
  • Magellan

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If you’re ready to take the first step towards healing, please give me a call or email me today.

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